Operational Excellence Consulting

Operational Excellence is the strategy and execution where you create a sustainable high-performance culture to deliver enhanced customer service and profitability.  Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are industry-leading best practices that can help you achieve this operational excellence. OPEX Training Consulting is vastly experienced in Lean Six Sigma Deployment with decades of successful accomplishments. We will establish a complete and integrated Center of Excellence Program that includes all the necessary infrastructure elements for success. We will help you implement a customized program in direct alignment with your company’s strategic goals.

Operational Excellence Capabilities

Program Design for Lean Six Sigma Center of Excellence & Change Management

Global Operational Excellence will collaborate with you to design a world-class performance improvement program in compliance with your organization's goals and objectives. We ensure each program will rapidly deliver results and achieve breakthrough operational efficiency and effectiveness. Approximately 80-95 % of our engagements consist of "non-technology" solutions that provide quick measurable bottom line results with high returns on your investment. With our Change Management expertise, you can ensure a sustained Continuous Improvement.

Program Assessment & Improvement

If your organization currently has an improvement program in place, we can assist you in identifying key success factors, strengths and weaknesses, and in uncovering opportunities to grow your capabilities. We will ensure your program is aligned with your business priorities to achieve optimum results.

Strategic Project Identification & Selection

We will assist you in strategically identifying improvement opportunities and subsequently validate them with the appropriate metrics. We will then ensure your company’s specific improvement opportunities are prioritized and properly assigned for success so that your Black Belt and Green Belts can work on them as their training projects to quickly deliver bottom line results.

Training & Coaching

We provide on-site Lean Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma training on your company premises worldwide that are designed to build your Operational Excellence capabilities. Our courses are taught by expert instructors with over 20 years of corporate Lean Six Sigma experience. You will not only learn the methodologies and tools, but also learn the real-world application of the tools to your business and specific projects. Through our coaching and mentoring, we'll work alongside with your team to complete every phase of the improvement projects.

OPEX Training Consulting has partnered with many organizations to build their Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement capabilities. Contact us at +1 647.781.2280 for inquiries regarding how we can be of assistance to you.